Friday, 7 September 2012

When Yuvraj Singh Hits 6 Sixes in an Over

Yuvraj Singh smashed six sixes in an over for the first time in Twenty20 cricket as India scored an impressive 18-run victory over England in their Twenty20 World Championship Super Eights match in Kingsmead.
Yuvraj singh 6 sixes
Yuvraj Singh
What a match It was for the Yuvraj singh.Yuvi is the only man which hit six sixes in an over in T20 international cricket. Yuvi comes to the crease at 155 for 3, just 20 balls left in the innings. But 20 is plenty. After six balls he is on 14, whereupon Freddie Flintoff chucks a few words at him.

Six sixes in an over is not a joke. It's very difficult to hit a six in each ball but Yuvi did it very well and with huge confidentaly. Stuart broad had to say after match, I Can't believe that I did my best in this over but Yuvi played superably and hit very well. I pray to god It will never happen again in my life.                          
                                          Video of Yuvraj’s 6 sixes

What Yuvraj Singh had to say after match,
I just went in to slog, With two overs to go, I just thought I’d use the crease and timed it well. In England I got hit for five sixes by Dimitri Mascarenhas, so I thought I had to take my chance.

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